Graduating seniors, your moment is truth is approaching. Will you be ready?

Graduating seniors, your moment is truth is approaching. Will you be ready?

This is a joyous moment for our children and the Eastern Jackson County community. In the coming days, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 young men and women will walk across a stage and accept a document that certifies they have just enough education to survive in this world. Families and friends will sing praises or simply cheer the fact those young people crossed one of life’s major thresholds. Revelry will ensue, and the future will appear to be but a minuscule pebble on the road to success.

Then tomorrow will come.

You won’t worry now because you have a plan. Some of you will pursue a degree from a college or university. Others will get a job and begin transforming that into a career. A few might take a gap year and meander through the world a bit. For a small number of folks, doing nothing of consequence will suffice.

However, tomorrow is both bright and full of mayhem. Tomorrow you will attend that university, but suddenly you may not be able to afford that $150 book your professor insists you buy. Tomorrow you will apply for that job, but you won’t be hired because you don’t have much experience, experience you can only get by working that job. Tomorrow your plans for a gap year might be thwarted when your parents insist you get a job, go to school or move out of the house. Tomorrow you will find that doing nothing doesn’t put food in your belly or put $3.59 per gallon gas in your car’s tank.

What happens then? What will you do when your grand plan starts to fray, your money gets skin tight, and that once easily attainable dream starts to inch away from your grasp? How will you answer truth’s knock, if you even make it that far?

Graduates, this is gut check time, while everything is peachy and life hasn’t yet bloodied your nose. This is the time to come up with plans B, C and D. This is the time to wrap yourself in your faith and put some money aside. There’s never a better time to prepare for the future than the present.

Most importantly, steel yourself for the fight. The road to success is ice cold, rock hard and sinister. You’re going to have to battle in ways you never imagined. One day you’ll be enduring your parents’ mandate to clean your room and do your homework. The next you’ll be scrambling for change to eat and perhaps starting a family on a minimum wage salary.

Celebrate today but dig in for tomorrow. The truth will be here before you know it.