To the editor:
What happened to the Democratic Party? “My Grandpa and Grandma were Democrats, my Dad and Mom were Democrats, so therefore, I’m a Democrat.” I suppose that is where the “Yellow Dog” label came from. I’m quite familiar with that song from my own family history.
There are certain things that you won’t hear from today’s Democrats. They never mention what FDR said about the danger of public-sector unions for our society. They always say what Truman said about “The buck stops here,” but avoid his response to the railroad unions when they threatened to shut down the rails by telling them he would put the U.S. Army in charge if they went on strike. They don’t mention what JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Finally, no mention of Bill Clinton’s “end of welfare as we know it.”
The Democrats have about quit saying the Republicans are going to take away your Social Security. Seems it wasn’t working trying to scare seniors. A some point they discovered that elderly Republicans receive Social Security checks also.
We are always hearing that Democrats care more about the “have-nots” and all the less fortunate. And what about the wealthy and super-wealthy Democrats who say they think they should be paying more taxes? It is time to remind them once again that the IRS still accepts checks, as well as money orders. It is time to either put up or shut up!
Any patriotic American going into the voting booth on Nov. 6 will be voting for what he or she thinks is best for our country. The will not be looking to see which names have a D or an R next to them.