To the editor:
I’ve known State Rep. Sheila Solon for 16 years now, initially as a constituent, then planning commissioner, fellow City Council member and now state representative.
I met Sheila when she was standing up for her neighborhood as apartments were proposed adjacent to Stonecreek subdivision. It appeared to be a done deal, but Sheila didn’t give up. Her involvement helped stop the multi-family development, which many residents claimed would negatively impact their property values.
I recognized what a go-getter she was and requested her appointment to the Blue Springs Planning Commission. She eventually served nine years on the Planning Commission and went on to be elected to the City Council after the passing of Bob Daffer. After serving with Sheila, I can attest she’s a very hard worker, does her homework and thoroughly investigates the issues. She read the annual budget thoroughly, found wasteful spending and formulated ideas to save the taxpayers’ money.
Sheila votes against raising property taxes, corporate bailouts and excessive spending. I was proud to serve with her. I miss her fiscally conservative values on the City Council, but know she is looking out for our best interests at the Capitol.
Please vote on Election Day!