To the editor:
Jason White will be voting in support of Proposition B. Well, I will not. In my opinion, it’s just another way to tax another chosen group of people who are an easy mark. How do these people think these taxes up?
So, here’s my argument: The Jason Whites of the city and state are so dead set against smoking that they will stop at nothing to take advantage of an opportunity to stop it (i.e. the restaurants in our city), of which some of our surrounding cities are still grateful, or to sniff out a tax that’s supposedly “for the schools” (it’s always for the schools) and that it costs Missourians hundreds of millions of dollars every year to take care of smokers. So wait a minute. Is it for the schools, or those that would be sick from smoking? The TV commercials put an emphasis on it that it’s going to the schools only.
What about those with morbid obesity, or diabetes. Why not tax triple Chubby Chuck Burgers or Snickers bars? Oh wait, the do-gooders like those, so never mind.
We are told by the “do-gooders” that there will be a citizens group making sure that money is used for this purpose. I take that with a grain of salt. We tend to go on our merry ways and “assume” all these taxes and fees are being used for their alleged destinations, like cattle to the slaughter.
So, what’s next? Scary to think about that, really. Whether you smoke or not isn’t the real issue here. It’s about wanting more and more without earning it. When someone’s bank account gets low, you could be the next victim. Our morality need not be legislated.