Take the power of one and multiply it by millions.

Many people who think about getting involved in the green movement wonder if their efforts are worth it, if they can really make a difference.

While the energy savings of just one person turning off the lights, unplugging switches, or even switching from a gas-guzzling SUV to a more energy efficient hybrid may seem insignificant in the big pitcure, if thousands of people all take the action, then the positive affect would be enormous. If millions do, then it could change the earth.

According to Go Green Initiative, by recycling just one glass bottle, you save enough electricity to power a 100-watt bulb for four hours. By recycling one aluminum can, you can run a TV for six hours on the electricity saved.

On a little larger scale, recycling one ton of paper saves 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil and enough electricity to power an average house for six months.

According to FilterForGood.com, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles in 2006 and only recycled 38. If just one person stopped buying disposable water bottles, they would be saving 129 bottles from ending up in landfills a year.

To see the impact you are currently making on the environment, do an Internet search for a carbon footprint calculator. After answering the questions, the site tells you how many planets we would need to survive if everyone lived like you. Knowing this number shows how changing small things can make a big difference.

Some people may not do a lot to save the environment, but are careful to not make it any worse, either, because their existence. It is called living carbon neutral.

There are several organizations, such as LiveNeutral, that allow individuals or companies to purchase credits that equal the amount of carbon you put into the environment. By purchasing these credits, you are doing to same for the environment as taking one car off the road for a year.