There’s nothing flashy about the Grain Valley baseball team except the bleach-blond hair peaking out from under the players’ caps.

There’s nothing flashy about the Grain Valley baseball team except the bleach-blond hair peaking out from under the players’ caps.

And it’s starting to get tough not to take notice of the Eagles’ record.

Grain Valley improved to 13-0 (6-0 MRVC West) with a 7-5 victory at Oak Grove on Tuesday.

There were no heroes, no game-saving plays or game-winning hits. It was just a hard-fought game where the Eagles found a way to get it done.

“I don’t think we have anybody that’s real flashy,” Grain Valley coach Mark Lyford said. “We don’t have anybody that I would consider a superstar, but we have a lot of guys that play well.”

Grain Valley catcher Shay Parra said it’s not just that the guys play well. It’s that they play well together that has brought the Eagles such success this season.

“We are really close as a team,” Parra said. “I feel that that’s the No. 1 key to being a high quality team like we are.”

That’s where the blond hair comes in. Lyford said it was a tradition that started when the 2004 team did it after reaching the final four. It’s been a ritual for the Eagles ever since.

Parra said it helps bring the team together.

“We think it’s good luck and tradition,” Parra said. “And the team bonding is really good.”

The Eagles had to work together to hold off the Panthers (10-5) after taking an early lead.

A couple of Oak Grove errors led to a 5-0 Eagles lead after the top of the fifth where Parra had a two-RBI double, and Tim Collins had an RBI single.

“When they make mistakes, you’ve got to make them pay for it,” Lyford said. “It ended up making the difference in the game there.”

The Panthers answered right back, scoring three in the bottom of the inning to put themselves right back in the game.

The Eagles and Panthers traded runs in the third and fifth innings, but neither could make up or gain ground on the other.

“We found a way to win it today,” Lyford said. “It’s a tough day to play. It’s a tough day to pitch, a tough day to hit.

“Those are days where you just bear through it and find a way to get it done, and we did.”

Lucas Williams found a way to get it done on the mound too. Williams walked five, struck out four and found himself in trouble a couple of times. However, he always managed to hold onto the Eagles lead to earn the complete-game victory.

“He’s not flashy. He’s not going to be a high strikeout guy,” Lyford said. “He’s just going to go out there, throw strikes and let his defense work.”

The defense struggled at times too with two errors in the game. They too were able to battle back and keep the the Panthers from closing the gap. Parra, who finished game with three singles and three RBIs, said the key to overcoming those struggles is never letting down in any situation.

“It’s been happening all year,” Parra said about some struggles during the game. “We have spurts in every other inning or so. We know the game’s not over until the 21st out.

“So, we keep on going until the game is over. We don’t let up on a team.”

It’s worked so far as no one has been able to overcome Grain Valley’s relentless attack. It’s a streak Parra said he hopes will continue for some time to come.

“This has definitely been the season I’ve been dreaming for,” Parra said. “I’m just glad it happened my senior year. I can go out with a bang.”