To the editor:

On Nov. 17, the Jackson County Legislature finally passed its first-ever code of ethics. The passage was delayed nearly a year because Legislator Denny Waits and others did not wish to abide by the ethical guidelines.

The new code of ethics was only approved after it was rewritten to include all county employees, with the exception of elected officials. An employee could serve six months in jail and/or a $500 fine for acting unethical. But legislators, judges and the county executive are exempt.

What does this say about our elected officials’ character and behavior? Why are they “above the law?” What are they hiding? We taxpayers have already been robbed while under former County Executive Kathryn Shields. As she left office, she completely drained our pocket of any future budget funds while lying to the public that she was leaving a surplus.

We continue to have one of the highest county tax rates in the nation. Until voters want a change by not re-electing the same good ole boys, the historic, unethical Pendergast-type control will continue.