Former Lee's Summit North coach will be missed

I couldn’t help but notice the article in last Saturday’s paper regarding the resignation of Lee’s Summit North head football coach, Harold Wambsgans. 
Coach Wambs represents everything that is good about high school sports. He always put the athlete as a person first.
I have talked to many parents and ex-athletes who always point out that Coach Wambs was a great role model and positive influence in their lives.
In this age of success we sometimes lose track of the important things in life. Harold mentioned his record 150-150 but that says nothing about the importance of a man like Coach in the life of so many young athletes.
When I coached against him he was always a gentleman and great sport. His positive approach was always evident. His teams played hard and played clean.
He explained in his article how he felt it was time to move on. It shows a real sign of class. He coached in a league that has some of the most consistent high school programs in the state. He played the very best week in and week out.
The highest compliment I can give him is that I would want my grandson to play for him at any time.
His philosophy to teach more than just wins and losses is admirable. He taught young boys how to be men. He taught sportsmanship, positive attitude, loyalty, respect for the game and teammates, and character.
The high school football world needs more life coaches like Coach Wambsgans.
He said he would like to continue to do the thing that he loves so much by remaining in the coaching field as an assistant coach.
If I were a young upstart head coach I would be knocking down his door to get him to help with my football program. 
The following quote from professional tennis player John Newcombe about class applies to coach Wambs, “Wimbledon, as you look up, you see the words, ‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same, if you can do that you will have class.’”
n The Northwest Missouri State versus Pitt State playoff game this past weekend was a true classic. If you plan on playing at those schools you better be a player.
n Coach Oder and his staff deserve a tremendous amount of credit for the job they did this year at Blue Springs South. Enjoy all of your hard work.
n O.K. – I’m totally speechless about the Chiefs…unbelievable!
n I have never liked the BCS and I don’t care if the president or Joe Blow gets it changed – I’m for it – playoffs!
n Kansas City did a great thing by getting the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame housed in Kansas City.
n My quote of the day is from Pittsburgh Steeler Art Rooney, “Class is an intangible thing. Different people show it in different ways, but it does not take long to surface and it is easily recognizable.”