Calendar is great gift for hunters and nonhunters

Ho, ho, ho is no duck call. And Santa’s baggy, velvet attire is neither camo nor hunter orange.
Yet, when he and his aerial reindeer begin their southern migration in less than a month, they’ll surely be packing lots of goodies for us outdoor types. Ya think? I hope.
Maybe more so than any other demographic, there are vast selection of things you can get a hunter, angler or woodsman – an overwhelming list, which is apparently obvious if you’ve ever walked through the doors of the Bass Pro Shops.
But sometimes it’s a matter of budget, especially this year.
Economic hard times or not, the one gift idea always at the top of my list  every year is the one of the best received, yet one of the least expensive: The Natural Events Calendar from the Missouri Department of Conservation. If you’ve gotten or given one, then you know I’m being straight with you. If you haven’t, then you’ll soon be a convert.
Even the non-outdoor types like ’em. After all, everybody likes beautiful sunsets and sunrises, birds and waterfalls. Take it from me, this calendar would be a hit even on Fifth Avenue.
The photos, taken by Conservation Department employees, are spectacular and are printed on high quality, heavy weight paper.  Premium work, low price. Just seven bucks.
The photos are the attraction, but it’s the fun facts that seem to stir the pot once the calendar makes it round the fireplace. This year, for instance, I can’t wait to point out to my wife Carol on her birthday, January 16, that it’s also the same day that Ozark witch hazel begins to bloom. Hee, hee, hee.
And what interesting fact finder figured out that on April 28 when The Big Dipper has tipped it also spills into the Little Dipper? And how do I know that its true? Because I read it in the Natural Events Calendar.
And for the first time, the Conservation Dept. is putting out a second calendar, also seven bucks, which features the states’ hunting, fishing and trapping heritage.
Its theme is that somebody took the time to guide you on the path. Return the favor and pass on the tradition.
Like the Natural Events Calendar there are fun facts.
Like on January 23 when bobcats start breeding. It continues through June!
And you’ll be interested to know that on Presidents’ Day Feb. 16 woodcocks begin their courtship.
In the coming weeks, I’ll have even more Christmas outdoor gift suggestions.