Do you know what nurses really do?

Do you know what nurses really do?

Registered nurses are medical researchers, educators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, executives and specialized practitioners. Registered nurses use evidence based research to guide care, to assess, evaluate treatments, medications, and overall health. A skilled nurse at the bedside can prevent falls, blood clots, pneumonia, post operative infections, and other fatal adverse events.

RN’s use education and skills learned in assessment, pharmacology, diagnostic laboratory and radiology testing, research, science and the use of advanced medical technology equipment. Nurses are trained to recognize slight changes in patients health condition and react, treat, and evaluate interventions.

RN’s provide education regarding patient’s treatments and test; medications along with their side effects, uses, interactions with food and other medications, and health promotion. Education is provided with the consideration of a patient’s environment, cultural, economic, social and family dynamics that effect their care.

Nurses are not only caring, but are a part of the cure. In a time when healthcare facilities limit the amount of RN’s on the floor it is important for the public to be aware of the need for a skilled registered nurses to provide high quality care for patients.

Registered nurses are no longer handmaidens to the healthcare system, but should be recognized for their knowledge, skills, education, and impact on the healthcare system.