Mason Hammett was confused when one of his classmates at James Lewis Elementary did not go on the fourth grade field trip to Jefferson City.

Mason Hammett was confused when one of his classmates at James Lewis Elementary did not go on the fourth grade field trip to Jefferson City.

“He couldn’t go because his mom didn’t have the money,” he said. “That made me sad.”

So with their parents’ help, Mason, and his brother and sister – Liam and Mali, decided to do something about it.

“We thought of the kids using part of their allowance money to help kids who don’t have as much,” said the children’s father Major Hammett. “Things like shoes, glasses, doctor’s office co-pays, backpacks and even field trip money.”

For the last three months each child has donated $25 to the Blue Springs Education Foundation with the intention to help children. To earn the money, they complete chores such as cleaning their room, making the beds, taking out the trash and even push-ups if they cannot come up with anything else. Over the weekend, the Hammett children decorated the house for Christmas, with Mom’s supervision, of course.

“We are trying to get them into the habit of giving back to others,” said Lisa Hammett. “It goes back to values, teaching them how to help people. It is truly a life skill and one we hope they take with them as they grow up. We are hopeful that this will not only make a difference in the lives of those we help, but in our children’s lives as well.”

Mason, Liam and Mali have received letters explaining how their money has been used. A pair of glasses and a backpack were purchased as well as a pair of shoes for a child who had holes in the pair he owned.

“It makes me feel really good,” Liam said. “It makes me sad to think of kids who don’t have much. I like giving some money to help other people.”

Because of the Hammett children’s generosity, the Blue Springs Education Foundation has created the Kids ROCK program. All funds donated to Kids ROCK will be used to help district children just as the Hammett children wanted to do.

“We had no idea that our donations would turn into something as big as this,” Major Hammett said. “Kids giving to kids, I can’t think of a better way to teach children about giving. This is something we want them to do every day of their life – giving back to the community. I think it is teaching them a lot.”

Because of their donations, Mason, Liam and Mali were recognized at the Blue Springs Education Foundation breakfast Nov. 17 as the foundation’s youngest donors. Mason said he was nervous when he spoke in front of the group of district staff and donors, but wanted everyone to know the reason behind what they are doing.

“Giving money to children is really, really important,” he said.

“If a kid doesn’t have glasses, they have to sit in the front of the classroom. If they have holes in their shoes, they have to stay inside during recess. We want to donate some money to help people who can’t afford to buy that kind of stuff. That is why it is so important.”


For more information on the Blue Springs Education Foundation and the Kids ROCK program, visit the Blue Springs School District Web site at and choose the “community” tab.