Most fans don’t have the opportunity to witness OTA’s. OTA’s are seen by the media and the news passes what they perceive to the fan. But what fans truly go by is what is said by the player.

What’s said by these players is powerful stuff. It can give hope or take it away. What the players mention carries the most weight.

“I like to think so,” said Matt Cassel when asked who would win a jump ball situation between a defender and Jonathan Baldwin. “He’s a guy that likes to go up and compete. Again, he’s a big body. This kid is all of 6-4 and he can jump. He’s a guy that’s going to go out and compete. There are not a lot of players that can go up vertically with him and stay with him.”

I wouldn't call it a situation, not yet with the Kansas City Chiefs and Dwayne Bowe, but it’s something to keep an eye on. Bowe is being steadfast on not signing unless it’s a long-term deal. Scott Pioli isn’t going to be bullied. I’m confident – fingers crossed – that between the two something will get done, but if something doesn’t happen who would the Chiefs turn to?

This statement by Matt Cassel says that Baldwin could be that guy. In practice yesterday Baldwin had another spectacular catch. One similar to the one he had against Denver which was called back due to a penalty. The sort of remarkable catch you would see Bowe make.

I’m not saying Baldwin can step in and get 15 touchdowns this season, but I’m thinking Baldwin could be a very good receiver.

What I’m saying is Baldwin gives fans security. The ultimate situation would be for both Bowe and Baldwin to start game one. Both are big bodied receivers that can make a terrific catch. The sort of grabs that wins football games and makes Cassel’s life easy.

“I love the offense,” said Jamaal Charles yesterday when asked about him and Peyton Hillis being together on this offense. “It’s more like zone and stretch plays, and more outside for me and also different with Peyton (Hillis). With me and Peyton, I think it’s going to be a good combination.”

This offense has the potential to be very good. I’m not kidding. It’s the kind of offense that could hit an opponent numerous ways and leave them seeing double.

Kansas City could have a dominating run game with the passing game to complement it. Or be a very well-balanced team with both the passing game and running game. What’s exciting is this offense could be many things this season. I believe it will be one that’s hard for defenses to control.

It’s nice to think about the Chiefs having offensive options.

I’ve seen what Jamaal Charles can do. And going by what he says both him and Hillis have a real chance to make this running game even better than what fans saw in 2010.

Sure it’s all talk. Like I said fans listen to the players. Eric Winston expresses that the offensive line has work to do, but Winston also thinks Kansas City is solid. Players are impressed with the coaching staff and plan.

Don’t be a Peyton Manning scaredy-cat. Winning won’t be later, but soon.

Call it a good feeling!

Good day, Chief fans!