Garage sale. Yard sale. Rummage sale. It seems like the names for it are as a varied as the items for sale at them.

Garage sale. Yard sale. Rummage sale. It seems like the names for it are as a varied as the items for sale at them.

Whatever you call them, the sale season is in full swing. Lisa Holiman, owner of Lily Wolfgang on the Independence Square, offers her top five inexpensive finds that make the easy decorating pieces. Visit for more information on Holiman’s upcoming classes at local Mid-Continent Public Library branches.

1. Furniture
“When you’re looking for furniture pieces, the thing you want to focus on is getting quality pieces,” Holiman said. “A lot of the quality that you see today is not nearly as good as what you had years ago.”

Don’t worry if you aren’t crazy about the color. If the furniture is constructed well, you can paint it or sand/refinish it, Holiman said.

 “A lot of times, it’s good to envision what it could look like,” she said, “versus what it looks like.”

Chairs, especially, are good decorating elements because they can be used at a desk, in guest bedrooms or with a vanity.

2. Dishes
They aren’t just for eating. Hang them on your walls, use them as jewelry trays or soap dishes in a bathroom, or add one to a nightstand as a catch-all.

“If you’re looking for pops of color or ways to add interest to rooms, dishes are always a really easy way to do it,” Holiman said. “There’s just a lot of ways to use dishes, versus the normal way you might expect.”

3. Goblets/Mason jars
Put tea lights inside goblets for a “lighting vignette” on a dining room table, Holiman said. Or, put them outside for patio/deck décor.

“Because you’ve spent little money on them, it doesn’t hurt so bad if something happens to them after you’ve put them outside,” she said.

Similarly, Mason jars are an easy, inexpensive find at rummage sales. Fill them with sand and put a tiny candle on top for porch lighting.

4. Picture frames
“You can go to garage sales, and you can see some really crummy pictures out there – you look at it and think, ‘OK, who loved this picture at one point?’” Holiman said.

If you like the frame, don’t let the picture inside detract you from buying it. Remove the artwork, and put your own inside. Make it a mirror instead, Holiman said. Or, paint over the frame, and make it a serving tray with glass covering the old artwork portion.

5. Fabrics
From a home décor point-of-view, Holiman said she loves fabrics.

Look for fabrics with interesting buttons or trim work. These can be repurposed in pillows, fringe on curtains or a table runner.

“I like to go through Pottery Barn catalogs – burlap is huge this year,” Holiman said. “They’ve taken just pieces of burlap, basically cut them into squares and put them on a wall, and suddenly, you have wall art.”