Town supervisors said residents can expect more of the same in 2008.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer and President Bush have had their annual say on the state of New York and the country, but Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel wants local residents to know that the state of her town is full of optimism and hope.

Frankel delivered her State of the Town address Jan. 23, highlighting the Green Brighton Task Force and townwide technological advances that will help move Brighton forward in 2008.

“Last year, I came to you with a mandate: That we as a community must take immediate action to acknowledge the effects of climate change and global warming, reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, seek alternative energy sources and take steps to decrease our dependence upon foreign oil,” Frankel said of Green Brighton. “My call to action challenged the community to rise up and meet this critical need of our times and the response was immediate and intense.  From this mandate, an idea was planted — and as in all things ‘green,’ it quickly and vigorously sprang to life.”

Frankel noted the early success of the task force, which recently held a kick-off event at Town Hall that brought out more than 200 people. About half of those people signed up for a “10 percent challenge” to try to lower than carbon footprint by taking part in more environmentally-friendly activities like carpooling or turning off lights when they leave a room.

Frankel also spoke about new technological projects that will start this year, such as a GPS system that will be installed in police cars that provides real-time location of a vehicle to a 911 call center and the continued enhancement of the new town Web site.

While he didn’t hold any formal address, Pittsford Supervisor Bill Carpenter also said things look good, adding that the town is in a period where they’re able to “hunker down and not come out with any big initiatives.” Carpenter highlighted the town’s fiscal responsibility, for which it recently received praise from Moody’s Investors service, an international company that specializes in credit ratings, research and risk analysis.

Carpenter said that 2008 will be a time for the town to tighten their belts and focus on customer service to provide residents with quality governing.

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