Isn’t it interesting that the older you get the less tangible things appear on our wish lists?

Isn’t it interesting that the older you get the less tangible things appear on our wish lists?

I’m scratching the “wish list” classification this week and instead calling it my “Christmas list,” which I guess is fitting since Thanksgiving has passed and everyone is shopping.

But back to my Wish List.

Most people dream privately or to a few people. I have a few thousand subscribers to whom I can express my wishes, so I’m going to take these few inches of precious newsprint and let you know what I want. They are not in any particular order and are quite random.

Feel free to email me for my home address or phone number if you’re so inclined to make my dream(s) come true.

More time.

More answers.

More acceptance.

More patience.

More understanding.

More empathy.

More focus.

More inspiration.

More insight.

More balance.

More determination.

More friends.

More closure.

More humility.

More knowledge.

More happiness.

More laughter.

More compassion.

More creativity.

Less war.

Less greed.

Less arguing.

Less anger.

Less fighting.

Less mistakes.

Less selfishness.

Less ignorance.

Less waste.

Less disease.

Less deceit.

Less favoritism.

Less controversy.

Less consumption.

Less alienation.

Less nepotism.

Less privilege.

Less money.

Quick – what do all these things have in common? Don’t know? They can’t be bought.

So this begs the question – is that why we buy so much of those things that can be bought?

I wish some of these things could be sold and were on the shelves on Black Friday. I might have actually ventured out. Which stores would sell less money, for instance? What about humility? I’d love to find a good deal on happiness, though I’m sure that sold out quickly. What about insight and focus – where would those be found?

I wish I had more answers to these questions, but I’m out of answers and I don’t know where I can buy them. I guess I just need more determination and creative ways to find them.

I guess someday I’ll understand, but then again understanding can be expensive. In that case, I hope I have a good supply of acceptance for those times when I can’t get understanding.

Maybe it all comes down to having more time.

And I have enough knowledge to know that time can’t be bought, so I won’t bother waiting in line.

After all, time is the gift that makes all good – and bad – things possible.