The William Chrisman Bears volleyball team didn’t have an ace up their sleeve in Tuesday night’s season opener - they didn’t need one.

The William Chrisman Bears volleyball team didn’t have an ace up their sleeve in Tuesday night’s season opener - they didn’t need one.

They had an ace on the back row as setter Lindsey Maxwell served an amazing 10 of the Bears’ 18 total aces in a 25-16, 25-2 victory over Van Horn at William Chrisman.

“Coach has me spot serve and I try to hit the spots,” said Maxwell, downplaying her role in the convincing victory while giving credit to coach Vanessa Jones.

“I’m left-handed, and I think that gives me a little bit of advantage, but everything was really working for me tonight.”

The Bears made 12 unforced errors in the first game that enabled a Falcons’ rally after trailing 10-2 against the host team.

“Lindsey and Lexi (Salva, who had four aces) are very, very, very good servers,” Van Horn coach Cristin Nowak said, “but I think you could see the difference with our girls between the first game and second game.

“The second game, we played in front of their (student body) cheering section and we were intimidated. That’s what happens when you have four sophomores out there and only one has any varsity experience.

“Our kids were a little bit scared and intimidated and Chrisman really served well and played well. That’s what we talked about after the match - if we play like we did in the first game we’ll be okay.

“I think we’ll just forget how we played in the second game.”

Salva had three aces to help the Bears take a 5-0 lead in Game 2. Maxwell then began a streak of 17 consecutive points - including 10 aces.

“I wanted to serve out,” said Maxwell, whose run ended with the Bears leading 22-2, “but it didn’t happen. But that’s all right. We played so well in the second game. We’re pretty young, and you could just see the girls getting more confidence the bigger lead we had.”

While Salva and Maxwell were starring on the back line, newcomer Jackie Becker dominated on the front row.

Becker, who played for Suburban Big Six co-conference champion Blue Springs South last year before moving to Chrisman, had five kills, a block and threw in an ace for good measure.

“Jackie is really going to help us this year,” Jones said. “And we really made a great showing in the second game. I told the girls we had 10 hitting and two serving errors in the first game and Van Horn had 16 points - it’s pretty easy to do that math on that one.
“We cleaned some things up in the second game, continued to serve well and play well overall, and look at the end result.”

Becker was thrilled with her first appearance with the Bears.

“We’re young, but the girls are really working hard and we’re having a lot of fun,” Becker said. “After the match we talked about our mistakes in the first game and how we played much better when we cut down on our mistakes. I think we’re really going to have a successful season.

Chrisman won the junior varsity match.