To the editor:

Sen. Claire McCaskill, according to the news, the Senate is poised to pass the subject bill by simple majority, and send it forward for the president’s signature. I feel that this legislative action is so flawed that it would be wise to scrap most of it and start over.

1. It appears through polling, the bill is very unpopular. Is it not a sign that as such, it’s not good?

2. Why is it necessary to favor special interests like union exemption, the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska deal?

3. Why was it necessary to craft it behind closed doors, without any input other than key Democrats?

4. As it stands now, will it mimic the Canadian and English systems, aspirin and Band-Aid care?

5. I understand there will be a medical review board to determine the extent of treatment that will limit the amount of care for seniors regardless of their ability to pay? It implies rationing.

6. At this time, it is well known that there is an acute shortage of doctors and nurses, so what will be the result of adding another 30 million people to the rolls? Will we be forced into rationed care?

7. You have repeatedly stated illegal aliens will not be included, but have you considered the effects that pending immigration reform legislation will have regarding possible rationing?

8. Will Medicare funds be used for other purposes, as Social Security trust funds (now bankrupt) have been?

9. Why can’t insurance companies compete across state lines as other types do?

10. How will fraud and waste that now cripples Medicare, Social Security and all other departments of the government, be dealt with?

11. Why can’t politics be discarded?

12. Do your colleagues understand that this bill as written will not be forgotten overnight, but the public, especially seniors, will be reminded every day. And they vote?

13. How will congress deal with constitutional issues resulting from forced participation and other provisions?

14. Will this become just another welfare program?

I will appreciate a response to the above before any vote is taken.