Animals Best Friends will be working in partnership with No More Homeless Pets to provide low cost spay and neuter services on June 15.

Animals Best Friends will be working in partnership with No More Homeless Pets to provide low cost spay and neuter services on June 15. We hope to reduce the number of unwanted animals entering local shelters by assisting those who otherwise might not be able to afford such services.

There are many benefits to spaying and neutering your pets. They no longer feel the need to go out and search for a mate.

Because they stay home, the chances of being hit by a car or getting lost are greatly decreased. There is also a much lower incidence of fighting and exposure to contagious diseases.

Numerous health benefits for both males and females include a lower risk or elimination of certain cancers, such as breast and testicular cancer. It reduces possible problems with male territorial aggression and inappropriate urination (spraying or marking). Spaying, for the female, reduces the risk of a potentially fatal infection of the uterus and ensures you don’t have to deal with messy heat cycles.  The biggest benefit of all, no unwanted litters!

On June 15 there will be a drop off area in Independence from 7 to 8 a.m. where No More Homeless Pets will transport the animals to their facility and perform the procedures. The pets will stay overnight and be returned to Independence on June 16, pick up time is between 9:30 and 10 a.m. Proof of a rabies vaccination is required.

Costs: Cat spay or neuter $40; feral cats $15 (must be brought in a trap); dog spay less than 80 pounds $85; dog spay over 80 pounds $125; dog neuter less than 80 pounds $55; dog neuter more than 80 pounds $75; rabies vaccine $10.

We will only accept cash and you must make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment and for more information, call 816-220-9495.

Animals Best Friends wish list includes: Purina Dog, Cat and Kitten chow, dog and cat treats and chews, cow hooves or rawhides, canned dog and cat food, stuffed (no beads) and Kong toys, laundry detergent, bleach, Fantastic cleaning spray, Dawn dish liquid, paper towels, newspapers, 39 gallon trash bags, blankets, sheets, cat litter. There is a paper recycling bin in the parking lot at ABF Headquarters, 2302 S. Crysler Ave., Independence. Please, no cardboard or telephone books. We appreciate your support.

The following animals are available for adoption at the Independence Animal Shelter. Visit the shelter at 875 Vista Drive or call 325–7207 for more information. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.

10464656 male Jack Russell, black/white, 3 years.  10523893 male Yorkie, black/tan, 1 year. 10477591 female Blue Heeler mix, black/gray, 6 weeks. 10462844 male Australian Cattle Dog mix, white/black, 3 months. 10513125 female Jack Russell, white/red, 2 years. 10531344 male German Shepherd mix, black/tan, 3 months. 10545518 male Pub, blond, 1 year. 10481816 female German Shepherd, black/red, 2 years. 10516243 female cat, black, DSH, 4 months. 10516235 male cat, black/white, 4 months.

There are lots more dogs, puppies, cats and kittens available for adoption.