Tim Allshouse was in a state of shock when his name was called as the 2009 Blue Springs School District Teacher of the Year.

Tim Allshouse was in a state of shock when his name was called as the 2009 Blue Springs School District Teacher of the Year.

“I was unprepared to be recognized like this,” said the director of bands at Blue Springs High School. “I am so very humbled and really just speechless to receive this honor. I am blown away.”

Allshouse was announced as this year’s Teacher of the Year at the Teacher of the Year Breakfast Friday at the Adams Pointe Conference Center in Blue Springs. He first began teaching 15 years ago and has spent the last 13 years at Blue Springs High School.

“I see this as a recognition of the entire (music) program, the staff, students and the whole community,” he said. “I thank the administration for allowing me to do the things that I do.”

This has been a big year for Allshouse, Blue Springs High School, the Golden Regiment Marching Band and the entire school district, in terms of the band program.

The Golden Regiment performed in the 2009 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif.,  and then turned around two weeks later and was among the handful of high school and collegiate marching bands invited to perform in the Inaugural Parade for President Barack Obama.

“Education just chose me, and I knew that was what I was supposed to do with my life,” he said.

“It just seemed like a good fit for me. I enjoyed being around kids, and I was good at the whole music thing. The best way to say it is that education chose me.”

Senior Danielle Fanning said she thinks Allhouse’s recognition is “amazing.”

“He works so hard and has done so much not only for the students, but for this program,” she said.

“He is really the best person for this award.”

Lisa Evans, assistant band director at Blue Springs High School, said she screamed when she learned  Allshouse was selected as Teacher of the Year.

Evans said as a colleague and a mother, who has had two students in the school’s band program, Allshouse is “very deserving.”

“I truly believe that both of my children are better kids for having gone through this program,” she said.

“He (Allshouse) is the hardest working person I have ever worked with, and he has this dedication to always striving to make things better. He realizes what it takes to be successful.”

Sophomore Marlene Jaime said she is happy to see Allshouse receive recognition outside Blue Springs High School.

“He puts in so much time and effort to make us what we are today,” she said. “All of the hard work is worth it because of him.”

Other teacher of the year nominees were LaNite Abramson, Sunny Pointe; Patti Balano, Blue Springs Freshman Center; Jennifer Carle, Franklin Smith; Cyndi Christenson, Hall-McCarter Education Center; Rachel Crosley, James Walker; Pamela Dixon, Thomas Ultican; April Fallis, James Lewis; Becky Gentry, William Yates; Jenny Gooch, Lucy Franklin; Stephanie Griesinger, Sunny Vale; Wendy Hilbert, Chapel Lakes; Angela Jackson, Liggett Trail; Catarina Kennedy, Moreland Ridge; Amy Lengyel, John Nowlin; Jennifer Minnis, Delta Woods; Gina Oles, Cordill-Mason; Catherine Owen, Brittany Hill; Rachel Parker, Daniel Young; Jeanne Peve, Voy Spears; Shelli Ray, Blue Springs South and Becky Welch, William Bryant.