Larry and Jason Cain want to repay the Dream Factory for giving them a “Dream” trip to Disney World three years ago.

Larry and Jason Cain want to repay the Dream Factory for giving them a “Dream” trip to Disney World three years ago.

Jason,12, a sixth grader at Center Place Restoration School in Independence, was diagnosed in January 2005 with Type 1(juvenile) diabetes.

Friends told them about their Dream Factory trip. “They told us they got back from a Dream Factory vacation and told us to give it a shot,” Larry said.

That summer, the family sent in an application for a “dream trip” to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Jason had to write a short essay on what he wanted to do at Disney World as part of the application process.

And in December, they were off on the all-expense paid trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. “We didn’t have to pay a thing,” Larry said.

They got VIP treatment during the week-long vacation. They got front row seats at shows, prime parking spots, and behind-the-scenes access to events.

“It made Jason feel so special,” Larry said. “We were treated like movie stars. We didn’t have to worry about anything. They gave us spending money. We’ve been involved in the dream factory ever since then.”

“If the Dream Factory wants us to go somewhere for an event or do anything, we’ll be there. It’s us repaying them for what they provided us with the trip.”

The Dream Factory is an all-volunteer organization that makes dreams and wishes a reality for children ages 3 to 18 with life-altering illnesses and disabilities. Established in 1985, the organization has helped 4,600 kids make their dreams come true.

About two weeks ago, the Cains got a chance to repay the Dream Factory. Jason was interviewed by KMBC 9 news anchor Larry Moore, the spokesman for Dream Factory, for a commercial that featured past Dream Factory recipients. It was taped on a farm near Buckner.

The commercial featured two other Dream Factory recipients from Independence. The video promoted the annual tractor cruise fundraiser on Saturday.

During the interview, Jason answered questions about what he did on his trip and how important it was to him.

Jason has been interviewed in other commercials that have aired prior to fundraisers for Dream Factory.

Larry has thought about being a “dream manager” who coordinates dream trips. He attended meetings for about three months in preparing for the volunteer position. However, he went through a job change and had to hold off on becoming a manager.

“I’d love to plan other kids’ dreams, because I know what these trips can do for kids and you want to get involved and help out anyway you can,” Larry said.



The annual Dream Factory Tractor Cruise will begin riding around rural Jackson County at 10 a.m. Saturday.

More than 100 tractors from across Missouri and Kansas will gather at Independence Square around 8 a.m. They’ll drive 40 miles roundtrip through rural countryside to Sibley Orchard in Sibley.

The Greater Kansas City Two-Cylinder Club sponsors the event.

It’s the fourth year for the Tractor Cruise has raised $50,000 to help the Dream Factory make children’s dreams come true, according to its Web site,

The cruise is open to all tractor makes, models and years with just a $35 registration fee. To register call Karen Palmer at 913-667-3171 or go to