To the editor:

I was reading in the Dec. 16 Examiner about the new Sugar Creek fire and police building, and I wanted to comment on that. I think the new building is a real plus for Sugar Creek, and I am sure it was needed as Sugar Creek continues to grow.

Alderman Joseph Kenny said he just wanted to commend everyone who worked on it. He continued by describing the old building as a cracker box. But the interesting thing he said was, “We need to discuss what we’re going to do with the old building.”

I am sure Alderman Kenny does not want a tenant in his neighborhood that is unsightly, dirty or dusty, or noisy. That’s the hope of everyone who is a home owner or business owner. He also said he’s particular about who goes in there.

I understand that also, and it sounds like the hopes of the 1,400 people affected by Lafarge in the Cedar Crest Dairy area. So, Mr. Kenny, I hope you will think of that when you vote on the Lafarge rezoning and mining permit. You are very particular about your neighborhood and so are we. Please vote no on the Lafarge permit.