You know you know this guy. His name? Chuck. Chuck Zuvers.

You know you know this guy.

His name? Chuck. Chuck Zuvers, a Blue Springs real estate man who has made a name for himself more for his Segway than for the service he provides. A longtime Blue Springs resident, Zuvers is gearing up for yet another summer season of motoring within the confines of Rotary Park and at various events in the city.

Perched behind the Segway, Zuvers motors miles in the summer season. Mostly known for his volunteer work at the free concerts at Rotary Park, Zuvers also donates his Segways to the Police Department for those events where quick, specialized patrol is needed.

“I was riding my Segway at one of the concerts a while back, five or six years ago, when I saw Doug Thompson (with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department),” Zuvers said. “I asked if I could help out with passing out pamphlets, and he liked the idea.”

So began his relationship with the city. Now you can see him zipping through the crowd passing out schedules and offering a priceless service, one that is fictional but effective.

“A lot of people think I’m there on patrol, especially the kids,” he said. “I never deny it. I think it’s good that people think that.”

In addition to helping Parks and Recreation, Zuvers also donates his Segways to police when they need it. He has four of the machines, many of which he nearly got rid of until he became involved with the department. Currently he’s on the citizen advisory board for public safety, and he is the unofficial photographer for the Citizens Police Academy.
What do you enjoy most about your volunteer work?

The people. I’m a people person. And I like working with the city and getting to know how the city operates. Blue Springs has great parks and a great atmosphere.

Why do you think your volunteering is important?

I think everyone owes it to give back. I used to fly a plane for the Shriner’s, which I’m still a member of, and I remember feeling the gratification from that. I think people miss out if they don’t give back.

How can others get involved?

Call the city’s parks and recreation department at 228-0137 or the police department at 228-0164.