A flood warning continues in Sibley, where the Missouri River has again surpassed flood stage and is expected to rise moderately all week.


The National Weather Service said minor flooding was occuring and was expected to continue.
The river was at 22.3 feet at mid-morning today. Flood stage is 22 feet. The river is expected to rise to 24.7 feet by this coming Sunday morning. The moderate flood stage is 29 feet. The river was above flood stage last week and fell to 22 feet Sunday afternoon and then started back up. By contrast, the river reached 29 feet last June and 26.4 feet in April 2009.


Flood warnings are in effect along much of the river in Missouri, where minor flooding is reported from Sibley downriver to Boonville. No flooding is reported in the immediate Kansas City area, but Leavenworth is reported near flood stage and, farther upstream, moderate flooding is reported in St. Joseph, Rulo, Neb., and Brownville, Neb., near where Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska meet.

National Weather Service: www.weather.gov/kc