The Blue Springs School District is asking voters for a $86.5 million bond issue to pay for a variety of projects.

Officials have put together a solid plan and made their case clearly and compellingly. This is worthy of voter support.

The vote is Tuesday. The bond issue would not raise taxes, and it requires two-thirds voter approval for passage. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The work to be done includes:

• Renovations to Blue Springs South High School.

• Renovations to and partially enclosing the campus at Blue Springs High School.

• Added classrooms at Chapel Lakes, Voy Spears and Lucy Franklin elementaries.

• A 70,000-square-foot facility next to Cordill-Mason Elementary and a connection between the two buildings. One would house kindergarteners through second graders, and the other grades three through five.

• Security upgrades across the district.

School district officials deserve credit for holding forum after forum to explain the what, when, where and why of their plans. This bond issue will help the district continue to meet student needs.