To the editor:

Thank you to Mayor Ross for standing up for economic growth in Blue Springs. Hopefully your leadership will return respect and dignity to city government.

The past three months have once again found the citizens of our community embarrassed by the actions of certain city councilmen. It is shameful the way Ron Fowler has called into question the reputation of two much-respected businessmen. I would think our entire City Council would welcome their proposal rather than allow Blue Springs to fall further behind our neighbors.

Fowler should get his facts straight. Parkway West development did not ask for a TIF. Instead, it asked for a CID, which asks the users of the property, those who choose to spend within the development, to pay an extra sales tax to defer the costs of road improvements. If the council had required Red Development (east side of ADP) to follow through on road improvements it had previously committed to, Parkway West development would not need the tax help to make necessary changes now.

Fowler’s argument against competition doesn’t hold up. The high school students I teach with basic knowledge of economics would tell you competition is the basis of capitalism. Another convenience store would force others to provide better products and services at better rates.

My students would also know citizens can recall local or state officials who do not serve the interests of the people. City councilmen, like Fowler, Solon and Shaver might well learn that lesson on a personal level if they continue to block much-needed development. Even without a lesson in recall, I’m sure voters will remember Fowler’s self-serving antics and political grandstanding during the next election.