A poem by Chenoah Reeder.

To some the economy is really bad –

For others, it’s the worst they’ve had.

In today’s economy – where Santa’s belt is tight

Where buying a simple toy doesn’t seem to delight.

I know there are girls and boys who have no shoes on their feet –

And barely anything to eat –

Sometimes not even a warm place to sleep.

Under my Grandma’s Christmas tree, lights are abundant

But for me there are no presents, you see.

For each twinkling light –

There are blessings for everyone both day and night.

A friendly smile to brighten someone’s day –

“May I help you?” to someone along your way.

A shower of love,

Sent from above,

And “welcome home” for all those who have been fighting abroad

to protect our freedom and beliefs.

In today’s economy with all these blessings – which are free –

You will be able to see that the economy isn’t as bad as it could be.