Kansas City can end it in style in the season finale. Beating the Broncos in Denver and playing spoiler would be the perfect finish to a not-so-perfect season. A textbook ride into the Arrowhead sunset.

Kansas City can end it in style in the season finale. Beating the Broncos in Denver and playing spoiler would be the perfect finish to a not-so-perfect season. A textbook ride into the Arrowhead sunset.

What did 2011 mean? Was it a wash, a waste or one big change that needed to happen?
Difficult comes to mind. Awkward, and testing also describe 2011. This year was tough and probably the oddest Chiefs season I’ve had to watch. There was plenty to forget. Between the NFL lockout, the injuries and Todd Haley it was beyond nuts.

Crazy to be exact, but I’m optimistic the crazy train is over. I believe the Chiefs can adjust. I still think Scott Pioli can, too.

Change can be good, especially when stuff gets stagnant and you find yourself doing the same old thing, day after day. Eventually, you have to search for something purposeful and better.

The Chiefs grew stationary under Todd Haley. There was no consistency. It wasn’t getting better; the offense was becoming the same old thing. Before Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs hadn’t seen a 300-yard passer. The Chiefs hadn’t had a QB pass for over 250 yards until Kyle Orton.

The Chiefs have yet to score 30 points – their point output is tied with 2007 as the worst in team history. Kansas City has scored 20 or more points just four times in 2011.

Getting stuck is a disease that takes over quickly; three years into Pioli and Haley Kansas City got wedged. Pioli’s on a short leash, but change No. 1 was relieving Haley.

From top to bottom, Kansas City needs to catch up. For the sake of fans, tradition and for the pride of Arrowhead. It’s not Pioli’s fault, he’s new in town. But Pioli has no idea about what’s been lost. Neither did Haley.

For fans with mileage, they remember the type of guts players like Derrick Thomas gave to Kansas City. It’s not just about reviving home field, taking the AFC West and putting Kansas City’s reputation back online, but taking it all the way.

Taking it to the top is what Pioli knows, that’s what landed him the job. It’s time to take off the suite jacket, roll up the sleeves and for Pioli to make magic happen.

Fans stick, but Clark Hunt, Pioli and whoever is the new coach has to make it about serious effort and regaining a foothold. The AFC West is primed for the Chiefs, but management has to grab it.

I don’t believe what has to be done is huge; the core players are there. There’s tweaking and a decision to be made at quarterback. Not who Pioli likes best, but what quarterback best helps the team thrive.

Honest answers with honest effort will turn Kansas City into winners. I’m sure of it and then 2011 wouldn’t have been a waste because it caused something constructive to happen.

That’s good and that’s what you want. So we’ve got a season with not as many wonderful things to talk about, but 2012 should be a different story.

I hope so, because writing about 2011 was zero fun!

DENVER BRONCOS: The first meeting with Denver was painful. The Broncos didn’t complete a pass in the first half, but ran for 169 yards in two quarters. You knew the run was coming, but the Chiefs couldn’t stop it. The Broncos ran for 244 yards total – the most allowed by the Chiefs this season. Tim Tebow completed just two passes with his second going to receiver Eric Decker in the fourth quarter for the game-winning touchdown.

This time should be different, because offensively with Orton it’s not the same unit Denver first saw.

The Chiefs will be without running back Jackie Battle, but game one Kansas City rushed for 134 yards. Denver is 27th in the NFL allowing 128 yards rushing a game. Over their last five contests, Denver has permitted an average of 155 yards on the ground.

In the first contest the Chiefs couldn’t pass, but the offense is on a roll with another big output against the Raiders. It was the offense’s first back-to-back game of 430 or more total yards since 2004. Surprisingly the Chiefs are 6-0 in season finales against Denver and have averaged 41 points a game in those six wins, some 20 points more than Denver on average. Hopefully that continues!

What Denver does better than anyone else is run, but in the month of December Kansas City ranks in the top 10 in several defensive categories. The Chiefs allowed a season low 71 yards rushing to Oakland.

The Chiefs are better going into Denver than when Tebow first faced them. Tebow leads the Broncos with 10 turnovers, so the defense will need to rattle Tebow’s cage and force mistakes. The Chiefs failed to sack or put pressure on Tebow the first time.

I thought the Chiefs would roll on Oakland, but I see the Chiefs pulling off a close one in Denver. Of Course, that’s if they score touchdowns rather than field goals!

Good day, Chiefs fans!