Being unable to keep up on the field made it impossible for the Jaguars to catch up on the scoreboard.

Being unable to keep up on the field made it impossible for the Jaguars to catch up on the scoreboard.

The Blue Springs South soccer team was one step behind all game in a 3-0 loss to Pembroke Hill on Wednesday. South falls to 4-7 overall.

Jaguars coach Jon Grice said his team just had trouble keeping up with the Raiders who spent most of the game on the offensive.

“A lot of times tonight we were just chasing,” Grice said. “It seemed like we were a step behind their play. We were a step behind our own play half the time.”

Grice said the only solution was for his guys to pick it up.

“We have to play faster,” Grice said. “We have to play the game faster. We have to play feet. We have to use the ball to our advantage.”

Another aspect of the game Grice saw the Jaguars needed to work on was defending restarts. Raiders’ goals in the 31st and 33rd minutes both came off of restarts.

The goal in the 47th was the only one that came in the flow of play.

“They did a really good job with their restarts,” Grice said. “It’s something we’ve been trying to work on, and we just need to get better at those.”

There might have been more goals from both situations without the play off South goal keeper Jake Skinner. Skinner had eight saves and most were tough.

“Jake’s had a great year,” Grice said. “He’s really come along. We’re giving him plenty of tests.”

Grice wants to cut back on those tests. He said if the team can cut back on the mistakes and give Skinner a little more breathing room the Jaguars would improve rapidly.

Skinner just wants to see his team not having to play from behind.

“It seems like every game we seem to be down early,” Skinner said. “Within the first 10 minutes, we give up a goal most games. We need to focus on working on that in practice.”

Despite the mistakes and goals allowed, Skinner commended the play of the defensive line, especially that of Connor Bahr.

“I think that’s the best he’s (Bahr) played all season,” Skinner said. “The rest of the defenders did great as well, but it’s been tough.”