There has been a lot in the Anglo-American press about Great Britain’s socialized health care and the move to it in America.

There has been a lot in the Anglo-American press about Great Britain’s socialized health care and the move to it in America.

Some stoutly defend Britain’s National Health Service. “The National Health Service has provided free health care to millions of people for 61 years,” International Herald Tribune said on Aug. 18, 2009. Of course, nothing is free, and what provides also withholds.

NHS inadequacy is notorious. One Brit’s article compared medical care for himself (NHS) and for his dog (not NHS). The dog fared better. Abuse of the elderly, and misallocation and inadequacy of care generally, make the NHS, the quintessence of bloated bureaucracy, a scurrilous scandal. By and large, the British just defend it when Americans criticize it.

Millions of the world’s poor choose to go private in medical care and education, even when the public alternative is better, because the private providers are more accountable (FT Weekend magazine Aug. 22/23, 2009, citing studies by World Bank researchers Jishnu Das and Jeffrey Hammer and “The Beautiful Tree.”)

The socialists’ most important product is propaganda. They denigrate a free system by lies and half-truths, and in the greatest of non-sequiturs promise governmental utopia as a “reform,” a word they have corrupted beyond redemption. Under socialism, the “right” to health care is a privilege for which one must apply.

The government, of course, will blame the patients for denial of services. It will try to put the onus of allocating services on the patient. See Lu Bingaman’s guest column in The Examiner, Sept. 3, 2009, “Don’t let the government judge me.”

If the government provides, the government withholds. If it decides that it’s better to pull the plug, it will pull the plug. That’s what socialized medicine is about, government control. Because free people are so bad they must be put under government control. Because the current system fails to take from some whatever the government decides to take, in order to provide whatever it decides patients need and deserve. The socialist maxim is, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Who decides ability and need? The government.

Socialism is not just an empty epithet, it’s the antithesis of the American system of ordered liberty. The U.S. Constitution is a revolutionary development in progress toward human liberty and limitations on government. Socialism is reactionary, harkening back to rulers as the source of all benefit and the object of all duty, revolted at the thought that people can do things on their own initiative. It is old-fashioned despotism in a “scientific” guise.

Socialism has a fatal attraction for politicians as a way of promising the world and thereby gaining and perpetuating control. When people at the top control and direct everything, there is nobody to govern them. Elections become a mockery. We see the process proceeding apace. Through the medium of William Ayers and his ilk, right out of the communist hysteria of the 1960s, we have been favored with Marxist front man and mouthpiece Obama, the hustler of hope and change.

It is an article of faith among American communists that the present system must be destroyed in order for their “revolution” to build a new society. And a big step toward subverting and shackling American society is socialized medicine, control over our very being.