“I do believe people should give back,” Carole Price said.

“I do believe people should give back,” Carole Price said.

She has done just that. Price volunteers for the Boys and Girls Club. She works with elementary age children at the Hawthorne Club, a group within the Boy and Girls Club.

She worked for Montgomery Ward in Kansas City for 32 years, serving as the company’s senior bookkeeper. Carole and husband Jerry, who worked at Montgomery Ward for 37 years, volunteer together at the club.

What volunteer work do you do at the Hawthorne Club?

I volunteer with a group from the Community of Christ Church twice a week. We spend time with approximately 100 kids at the Hawthorne unit. We just do all kinds of fun stuff with them. Crafts. Board games. We let them see that adults can be some fun, too.

What do you most enjoy about your volunteer work?

 Being with all the staff and volunteers and sharing with the kids. The kids actually provide ministry to me every time I’m there. They see things go clearly and they are concerned about people all over the world. It’s a great group. I enjoy listening to kids. They need one on one. They have stories they want to tell ya and they like an adult who will sit and listen.

What is most important about working with the cause and for the Boys and Girls Club in general?

They’re giving kids values and teaching them that they can make a difference. These young people will be our future leaders in the community. The kids are just wonderful. They’re extremely polite and they’re just a great bunch of kids.

Why do you think volunteering is important?

 It not only helps the group your volunteering with it also helps you. I remember people who volunteered when I was young they made a difference in my life and that may be why I’m doing this today. In my church, The Community of Christ, we put a lot of emphasis on community building. And it’s also a selfish thing; I feel great after I share with these kids.

What led you to do this?

 Some friends at church invited me that were working at Hawthorne. Some folks at the church were already doing it, so Jerry and I decided to get involved.

How can others get involved?

You can contact the local Boys and Girls club they always need help. And if you don’t think you have the ability, you’d be amazed sometimes. It’s just a matter of spending time with the kids. And this spring there will be a great opportunity to help remodel the Leslie unit. Lots of help will be needed and it will make a difference in kids lives for years to come.


About Carole

Name: Carole Price

Age: 63

Residence: Independence

Volunteers at: Hawthorne Club

For how long: Four years

Day job:


What others say:

“She’s fantastic and she loves the kids. Any opportunity she can get to go to the club and help, she will. She’s always the first one to jump in and help out when there is a need. For a lady her age, she’s got tons more energy than people half her age.”

– Tom Cochran, who works with Carole as a volunteer.

“Carole has a big heart. She not only helps with the children, but she helps out with their parents in getting necessary resources.”

– Tyrone Moore, area director for the Boys and Girls Club in Independence.