The incumbent for Independence City Council District 2 gave the most – $2,000 – to his campaign while also receiving sizable donations from local unions.

The incumbent for Independence City Council District 2 gave the most – $2,000 – to his campaign while also receiving sizable donations from local unions.

Jim Engelman raised more than his opponent Curt Dougherty, including donations from several of his fellow City Council members.

In the District 4 race, Eileen Weir also received a significant amount of funding from local unions while her opponent Mike Fielding gave a notable amount of personal funds/in-kind services to his campaign, while also receiving donations from local attorneys.

This is a list of monetary and in-kind contributions, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission website.

Contributions from individuals who gave more than once were added together. Individuals or businesses are in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Committee to Elect Jim Engelman
$20-$100 –
$20, Eileen Weir, Impress Public Relations/District 4 City Council candidate; Rex C. English, retired, Lee’s Summit;
$25, Bill Rogers, NorthWest Communities Development Corporation executive director; John and Toni Thornton, retired; Rick Haskins, city of Independence, Blue Springs; James Franklin, Independence Power & Light; Russell and Janane Brink, city of Independence, Liberty, Mo.; James Whitfield, retired; Steven P. and Janice E. Schultz;
$35, Hawley Service Company;
$37.50, John Stark Evans, Lee’s Summit; David L. Moore, medical doctor, Kansas City; Chapel Oaks Development Inc., Lee’s Summit; Langsford Road Associates, Lee’s Summit;   
$50, Don and Jo Reimal (Don is the mayor of Independence); Dick and Lora Meadows, retired, Blue Springs; Larry McCarty, retired, Buckner;
$60, Steve Noll, Jackson County Historical Society employee, Prairie Village, Kan.;
$75, Jane S. Taylor, retired/homemaker; Byron Constance, attorney.
$100 –
Myron Paris, retired/District 3 City Council member; Jim and Caryl Schultz (Jim is an at-large City Council member); Citizens for Torpey committee; Missouri Siding, Window and Roofing/William E. Kidd; United Steelworkers Local Union/president Mike Laber; Lee Campbell, retired, Buckner.
$250-$500 –
$250, Dennis Waits, attorney/Jackson County Legislature; Lyle and Sandra Querry, retired; IBEW Local Union No. 124 Voluntary Political Fund, Kansas City; Karen Holland, homemaker/volunteer, Kansas City;  
$500, Bruce VanCompernolle, IBEW Local 53 representative, Kansas City; Citizens for Effective Leadership committee; Bradley Nicholson, self-employed, Kansas City; IBEW Local Union 53 Voluntary Political Fund, Kansas City.
$1,000 and above –
$1,000, Charles Laue, Asurion Company, Leawood, Kan.; International Association of Firefighters Local 781.;  
$1,100, R. Todd and Michelle Simpson, educators, Omaha, Neb.;
$2,000, Jim and Sue Engelman.

Citizens to Elect Curt Dougherty
$50, Larry Hinkle, retired.
$100, 24 Hwy. Shell; Jason White, administration.
$300, Caremark, Lincoln, R.I.
In-kind: $1,750, Susan Dougherty, city of Independence health inspector

Citizens to Elect Mike Fielding
$50 –
Robert Hammeke, attorney, Shawnee, Kan.; Jeffrey Heuer, attorney, Webster Grove, Mo.; Kenneth Davidson, retired, Kansas City; Mark Benedict, Husch Blackwell attorney, Kansas City.
$100-$150 –
$100, Joshua Fielding, John Deere employee, DeWitt, Iowa; Martin Loring, Husch Blackwell attorney, Leawood, Kan.; Robert Ginn, Husch Blackwell attorney, Omaha, Neb.; Chris Redmond, Husch Blackwell attorney, Prairie Village, Kan.; Gary Barnes, Husch Blackwell attorney, Liberty, Mo.;
$150, Kathy Bussing, attorney, Leawood, Kan.
$500 and above –
$500, Mike Fielding, Husch Blackwell attorney;
$650, Margaret Fielding, homemaker, Castle Dale, Utah.
In-kind services –
$2,513.81, Mike Fielding, Husch Blackwell attorney;
$5, Jack Willis, retired; $200, Stan Woodward, Honeywell engineer; $317.62, Landmark Products, Blue Springs; $3,000, Larry Nicholson, self-employed, Raytown.

Committee to Elect Eileen Weir
$25-$50 –
$25, G.B. Esry, retired; Jane Howard, retired; George Lightfoot, artist;  
$40, Jack Berg, retired;
$50, Kent Dicus, Children’s Mercy Hospital employee, Kansas City; James Barbour, retired; Michael Gabhart, retired, Kansas City; Jonathan and Kristine Zerr, attorney; Orville Walker, retired; Paul Francis, retired; Angelo Mancini, retired; John and Antoinette Thornton, retired; David and Connie Mayta, retired; Pat McGranahan, retired; J. Richard Franklin, retired; Richard and Helen Quinlan, retired, Sunapee, N.H.; James Giles, special assistant, Kansas City; Gwen Wurst, homemaker, Kansas City.
$100-$200 –
$100, Sharon Wiilliams, attorney, Lee’s Summit; Gary Swanson, retired, Leawood, Kan.; R.H. Burnup, self-employed; Jackie Watkins, letter carrier; Bruce and Konnie VanCompernolle, IBEW; Burnell Landers, physician; Eric and Amy Knipp, self-employed; R. Keith Scott, self-employed; Brian Snyder, engineer; Lyle K. and Sandra A. Querry, retired; Robert Moore, historian, Overland Park, Kan.; Bill Vaughan, law enforcement; Thomas McHugh, consultant, Kansas City; Friends of Theresa Garza Ruiz committee, Kansas City; Michael Sharp, Jackson County sheriff, Kansas City; George Kapke, attorney; Kathryn Harvel, Children’s Mercy Hospital employee, Lee’s Summit; Stuart Stram, the National Golf Club of Kansas City employee, Kansas City;
$150, Nice Sales Inc.
$200-$250 –
$200, IBEW Local No. 124 Voluntary Political Fund, Kansas City; Jack Cardwell, attorney; CWA District 6, St. Louis;
$250, Stephen Manning, self-employed; Roofers Local No. 20 PAC, Raytown; Karen Holland, homemaker, Kansas City; Brenda Sniezek, homemaker, Prairie Village, Kan.; Donna Belingloph, retired.
$325-$500 –
$325, Pipe Fitters Local Union No. 533, Kansas City;
$500, Patrick Fahey, self-employed, Kansas City; Citizens for Effective Leadership committee; International Association of Firefighters Local No. 781; Dennis Waits, attorney/member of the Jackson County Legislature; Bradley Nicholson, self-employed, Kansas City; Superior Bowen Asphalt, Kansas City; Michael Fahey, retired, Omaha, Neb.; Teamsters Local Union No. 41 Political Action Fund, Kansas City; Carpenters District Council of Greater St. Louis & Vicinity, St. Louis.
$1,000 –
$1,000, Charles Laue, Asurion Co. president, Leawood, Kan.; Kathleen Fahey, retired, Omaha, Neb.; IBEW Local No. 53 Voluntary Political Fund, Kansas City.