Les and Erin Boatright

To the editor:

On April 3, the citizens of Independence have a chance to make their city safer, by voting yes for the police tax.

We have been involved with many tax initiatives in Independence over the last 12 years. We chose to support this latest effort after a lot of soul searching. We have struggled with our decision, but feel like the best thing to do for our family and Independence is to support the Police Tax.

What finally made our minds up was the realization that we had to separate what is going on with City Hall from increasing the police force. These are two separate issues and should not be combined into one. We are not happy with the apparent lack of transparency that our city leaders are demonstrating, but that is not the issue we are addressing on April 3. We need everyone to get out and vote yes to increase our police force.

The police tax will have a citizens oversight committee watching where the money is spent and that it will be spent for only increasing the police force. Some would like to confuse the issue by claiming the ballot language will allow the city to do all sorts of things. The oversight committee concept works on all of the other tax initiatives the city currently collects, and this additional one for police will be no different.

As two people who have lived in Independence for more than 20 years, we are encouraging all of our friends to vote yes on April 3 for the police tax.