Maria Fleming, Fort Osage School District’s assistant superintendent for educational services


Maria Fleming
Fort Osage School District’s assistant superintendant for educational services

1 When did you take over this job? I took over on July 1.

2 What’s your background in education? I’m beginning my 20th year in education. I began as a high school English teacher and then became a grant coordinator and assistant principal. I’ve spent the past 10 years as a district director of curriculum and assessment in the Independence and Raymore-Peculiar districts.

3 What are specific goals or initiatives you want to bring to the job? My goal is to continue the excellent work that’s been started. I’m interested in supporting principals and teachers in providing the very best education to each child. By focusing on classroom instruction and student support we can achieve high achievement for all of our students.

4 Tell us about your job duties? I’ll oversee the educational programs in all the schools, specifically by supervising the building principals and the directors who oversee curriculum, assessment, and student support. I work closely with these groups to plan and implement practices that will meet our students’ needs.

5 What’s one initiative that you’ll really continue to push? I’m very excited to continue the district’s work with standards-based education and grading. I believe that this focus really focuses the district’s attention on student learning as the goal. Getting parents involved in their children’s education is another excellent aspect of this system.

– Michael Glover