There were five of our cars at the toll booth. We were headed to the beach for our annual family vacation. We looked like a crazy caravan.

There were five of our cars at the toll booth. We were headed to the beach for our annual family vacation. We looked like a crazy caravan.

When I stopped by the toll attendant, I handed her several dollars. The toll was only $2 per car. But, I thought I’d surprise my children and pay their tolls for them.

So, I handed the attendant $10 and told her that I was paying for the next five cars. She smiled and replied thanks.

As I drove through the toll, I noticed Adam’s car (which held his family), was driving next to me . . . not behind me, as my other children were. I laughed.

Adam decided to pass us at the toll booth and I had just paid for a stranger to travel the toll road.

Yes, we’re at the beach where seagulls search for a free French Fry and salt water taffy is in abundance. All seven of my kids, their spouses, and five grandkids were together.

Our drive to the shore (that’s what they call it on the east coast) was pretty normal. We stopped at my sister Lindy’s home, in Delaware, and borrowed her van which had been previously loaded with tons of beach stuff.

I had inflatable sleeping beds, for the grandchildren, and nautical beach bags for each family. Inside the bags I had flip flop note pads, matching beach towels, plastic rafts, pajamas, beach stickers and much more. After all, I had been collecting beach stuff for two years!

Actually our trip from grandma and grandpa’s was pretty uneventful. We were one content convoy of cars driving to the seashore.

Although it was pretty funny when I missed a turn and five cars had to turn around in one parking lot.

We were excited for a vacation.

We had rented an awesome home in Indian Beach, which is located in the south part of Dewey Beach, Delaware. Bill and Carol were our property owners, who were wonderful to work with.

Due to the varied plane arrivals, we decided to drive down to the beach a day early and get a motel.

Was that a circus, or what, unloading five grandchildren into motel rooms? Do you know how much you have to carry with babies?

We had cribs, baby gear, dozens of diapers, bottles and formula, and these cute little beach zippered baby cots for on the sand.

I believe the funniest moment, so far, was at the motel. I had told Ashley and Kortney, earlier the night before, that we would grab groceries at 7 a.m.

I heard a knock at my motel door when it was 7. I had over slept.

As I cracked the door to see who was knocking, I viewed two lovely girls dressed in gorgeous beach ware. Ashley had on a cute yellow tankini under a beautiful navy lacey cover up. Kortney had on a striped tankini with a soft white beach dress. The two of them looks like models.

I grabbed my grandma beach ball dress, stuck a clip in my hair (hair which was sticking out on four sides), and grabbed my wallet. Together, we raced to the grocery store.

A few hundred dollars later, my van was full and the sun was out.

Sorry, I need to run . . . I’ll write next week