It appears that Independence is on its way to a more rational approach to its mid-summer headache – days and days and nights and nights of fireworks disturbing the peace and often injuring people.

Fireworks are illegal in the city, but everyone can clearly see – and hear – that the ban is unenforceable. There just aren’t enough cops to keep everyone in a city of more than 100,000 from breaking this particular law; other law-enforcement priorities have to be considered as well.

No city in the area seems to have found the perfect solution, but Independence City Manager Robert Heacock is suggesting – at least to get the discussion going – that the city try a three-day period, July 3 to 5, for legal use of fireworks. That would be for those 16 and older, and let’s hope the city would be cautious in choosing exactly what fireworks to allow.

It’s bad business to have a law that can not be and will not be enforced. It sends the wrong signal about other laws. And scenes of destruction on and around the Fourth of July are not acceptable either. The city is on the right path in looking at ways to get a handle on a dangerous situation.