Officer Richard Dec has been named the BSPD Employee of the Month for April 2010.

Officer Richard Dec has been named the BSPD Employee of the Month for April 2010. Officer Dec can be seen patrolling high accident locations, school and construction zones, along with other areas where citizens indicate that they have concerns about traffic safety. He may also be seen at the site of an accident, reconstructing what happened to ensure that evidence and information that may be needed later is not lost.

Richard is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School in Independence and served in the 12th Special Forces Army Reserve as a Demolitions Specialist. Richard has a passion for photography and spends much of his time off photographing scenic sites and nature.

What many do not know about Richard is his love for photography. Richard has shown his artistic talent as the 2008 winner of the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center’s annual photography contest. His photography is displayed around the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Center, brightening the lunch room and other areas.

Officer Dec has been employed with the Blue Springs Police Department since August 1985; prior to joining the BSPD, Richard was an officer at the Prairie Village, Kan., Police Department for 15 years. Richard spent eight of those years as a traffic officer assigned to the motorcycle unit. Richard is currently assigned to the BSPD traffic unit and has been in this assignment for three years.   

Officer Dec is one of BSPD’s top traffic officers. He is a certified accident reconstructionist, and helps to keep Blue Springs safe by reducing accidents and enforcing the traffic laws of the city of Blue Springs and the state of Missouri. With his many years of experience, Officer Dec is often called upon due to his expertise and always handles his calls professionally and thoroughly.

Others appreciate Officer Dec’s personable nature and his professional performance. According to Records Supervisor Valerie Harleman, Richard is admired for his proactive approach to traffic safety on the streets of Blue Springs. Richard can always be counted on to conduct himself in a courteous and professional manner.

Dispatch Supervisor Patti Clark writes: “Richard is one of the easiest people to work with. One side of him that may not be known to many is his photographic ability. The department is decorated in his photographs and we all enjoy getting to see his latest creations.”

Municipal Court Staff has said “Richard has always been a pleasure to work with. He is a friend of the court and is always willing to help out when needed.” Blue Springs Municipal Court Clerk Daisy Downing writes: “On a personal note Richard is really great and that’s awesome that he’s been chosen for employee of the month. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person. He’s always so reliable and helps us out whenever needed.

Officer Dec’s immediate goals are to continue with the Blue Springs Police Traffic Unit and to assist the public in remaining safe while driving on the streets of Blue Springs. It is with great appreciation that Officer Dec is awarded the Employee of the month for his efforts with the Blue Springs Police Department.