Academic All-Star Jamie Chen is from Plaza Heights Christian School

Jamie Chen

Plaza Heights Christian School

Scholastic Honors: Valedictorian; member of Honor Society; received awards for excellent original short story, superior duet acting an excellent in calculus at the 2008 Midwest Christian School Academic and Fine Arts Festival; received a first place award in Math League, sixth place in accounting and excellent in creating writing at the 2008 Association of Christian Schools International and placed first in chemistry at Southwest Baptist University’s fifth annual College Prep Championships.

High school and community activities: Attended the President Classroom for the Future World Leaders Summit program in Washington, D.C.; was a member of the Drama Club; was a varsity volleyball team member; volunteered with the American Red Cross; was an office clerk at the Youth for Understanding – Greater China Office and participated in International Students’ Experience Sharing Conference.

To what do you attribute your academic success?

I attribute my academic success to my personal interests and characteristics. Among all the subjects, math is my favorite – mysterious numbers and formulas always fascinate me and the feeling of great satisfaction after solving an abstruse mathematical problem fills my heart more than anything. I’m also very thankful for all the great teachers I’ve had and the encouragement they have given me.

Who was your biggest influence on your studies?

My mother has always been my role model in my life and on my studies. She never ceased learning and she has a great personality. At work she’s the director of an HR department who deals with different situations and wins everyone’s respect. At home she spends time working on her Ph.D. degree besides taking good care of me and my dad. She tries her best on everything she does and I look up to her in many aspects.

What was your favorite activity in high school? Why?

I played on the varsity volleyball team my sophomore year. It was my first time playing sports on a competitive American high school team, and playing and practicing with my teammates was a wonderful experience. The trusting relationships our team built together and the encouragement we gave to each other all made my volleyball experience special and enjoyable. I was definitely not the best one on the team, but I tried my best and received the most improved player award at that year’s sports banquet.

What college do you plan to attend and why?

I’ll be attending the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. Being able to receive a quality liberal arts education at a public university price really appeals to me. The campus in Williamsburg is beautiful, and it’s also close to Washington where opportunities for success will always be available.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

Until now, I have not decided upon my future major or job, other than being certain of my great fascination with mathematics and I’m dead-set on attending graduate school. Ten years from now, I will be done with both college and graduate school. I see myself working on the career I truly love as a successful person who is able to use what I’ve learned to contribute to the world around me.