And it begins. The sweat, the hustle and the purge of last season.

And it begins. The sweat, the hustle and the purge of last season.

“I don’t know; we’ll find out,” Eric Berry about about how camp will do with Andy Reid after arriving with other veterans Thursday. “We’ve had a lot of high energy since OTAs and everything that’s been going on. Coach (Bob) Sutton has been texting everybody – at least on the defensive side of the ball – so I’m excited to be here, and I’m sure everyone else is excited to be here too.”

When asked about last season, Berry refused to go there. Didn’t want to rehash the past. As far as Berry’s concerned, that’s history. What happens in the future is priority.

“I want to get us moving forward; I want to be a spark plug for the team,” Berry said. “I’m not just the only leader; we have a lot of other guys on the team that hold me accountable as well. It’s not just me; it’s a lot of people who contribute to that.”

Tamba Hali admitted the Chiefs have much to prove. After all, they did pick first in the NFL draft.

“We have a lot to prove,” Hali said. “We’ve been on the bottom of the totem pole and we have a bunch of good players here who want to prove themselves. We’re here to get that done.”

Last season happened, but fans haven’t really accepted that outcome as the whole truth and nothing but the facts. You have players like Derrick Johnson who have been working extra hard to show that last season’s 2-14 mark isn’t honestly the case. Johnson is also going on his ninth year. Hard to believe, but he’s nearing that “old” label in the NFL.

“I don’t feel like a senior citizen,” Johnson said on being one of the oldest Chiefs. “I feel young. I’m moving faster than I ever have before. I’ve been working out and working my butt off this offseason. Just can’t wait to get back with all the young guys and get this thing going. We have a really good team on paper, we just have to get the chemistry down and put it all together.”

On paper, the Chiefs have had the parts since 2010. Really, they’ve had that sort of potential, but paper doesn’t play, score touchdowns or face Peyton Manning twice a season.

“We believe in each other,” new Chiefs cornerback Dunta Robinson said. “We believe in Coach Reid. I think the only thing we have to prove is to ourselves. I think the rest will fall in place. There is no doubt in my mind that this team will be far and beyond better than they were a year ago.”

Leadership, that’s the piece that hasn’t been on paper – the right head coach. I’ve foot stomped Andy Reid since he first arrived. I’m hopeful Reid will be able to take what’s on paper, the blueprint, and create a winner.

“The Broncos could win 11 games this season,” Denver Post Woody Paige said. “So could the Chiefs. Fox and Reid might meet again in the postseason. The angst among Bronco-noids is warranted.”

When asked if Denver is concerned about Kansas City, ESPN AFCWest blogger Bill Williamson pointed out the Chiefs coaching staff.

“I think Denver respects that coaching staff and the roster,” Williamson said in response to a question about if teams will overlook Kansas City early in the season due to their record last year. “I think that would be a big mistake. The league knows the Chiefs have ability.”

Again, paper is paper.

“They look good on paper but I want to see it first,” said one Chiefs fan. “Like the Missouri slogan, show me. Show me you can win and show me you can compete. Show me! Show me! Show me!”

Friday was the first official day of Chiefs training camp with all members on the field. Every player is eager to get this thing started and righted. Not just for the fans, but for themselves.

Earlier in the week rookie Sanders Commings fractured his collarbone, something that could take as long as 16 weeks to heal. Andy Reid says he plans to run a physical camp, one where players will be tackling to the ground.

Reid wants the Chiefs back in the business of winning.

“Well, this business is about winning games,” Reid said in response to the Chiefs having six Pro Bowl players and winning just two games last year. “I think those Pro Bowlers would tell you that ... I think they would take the wins and give up the Pro Bowl if they had the chance.”

Everybody’s looking up, but it’s the start of camp. Preseason gives a little more, the regular season tells the rest of the story.

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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