Well, it’s happened. Sometime Sunday or Monday, the price of the cheapest gallon of regular gas fell below $2, at least in some parts of Eastern Jackson County.

We’re now paying half of what we paid for gas in the middle of the summer.

And let’s count all of the blessings. The statewide average, although down sharply, is still $2.33. The national average, although down 53 cents in two weeks, is still $2.78. The Kansas City area seems to be in one of those lucky pockets – and Eastern Jackson County is a little luckier yet.

Will it last? Who knows, but three months ago who would have thought we’d see prices starting with a “1” instead of prices starting with a “4?” The same jitters that are hammering retailers and automakers are the ones driving down demand for commodities such as oil – for now.

Some eagerly point out that this lowering of gas prices is itself an economic stimulus, leaving a little more cash in consumers’ pockets. Fair enough, but consumers seem intent on leaving it right there, at least until the economic picture clears up a little.