I was enjoying my pesto turkey sub at Quiznos today, when I observed something blogworthy.

I was enjoying my pesto turkey sub at Quiznos today, when I observed something blogworthy. The lady ordering couldn’t decide what she wanted and finally thought soup was the best idea. She goes, “Chicken soup is my favorite. Is that good here?” The 16-year-old worker goes, “Eh – not great. The chili is better.” To which the lady replies, “I don’t normally like chili, but OK – I’ll do that.”

Never in my life have I done this.

And by this I, of course, mean take a stranger’s word for what I would like or prefer.

And this is why wedding planning can make me a crazy woman sometimes.

I have seriously always been so in awe and fascinated by the kind of person who asks the waiter what he or she should order at a restaurant. How do you know that you and Waiter Guy have similar tastes/nutritional preferences/appetites? I think if that person was here to answer this question for me they would say, “I don’t know. And I don’t care.”

This very trait of mine which we will politely and kindly refer to as “being particular” has seriously made wedding planning a challenge at times.

For example, I can’t just pick up a guest book at Hallmark, but rather I spend hours making a photo guest book and am very strategic about the placement of each photo that probably no will even notice (you better notice). I couldn’t just ask people to be in my wedding, I – of course – had to make them puzzles, notebooks, and messages in bottles. 

But here’s the thing – this is who I am. My mom and dad made me this way when they spent this much attention and detail and thoughtfulness on every last event for me. And normally this trait about me is something I enjoy, because I love doing things on a large scale and giving extra attention to detail to make things super special. 

Enter The Wedding. 

And now I have literally a to-do list of 351 things that need done.  And, oh yes, I want to do them all with great attention to detail.

Read carefully dear and sweet girls that are dreaming of your perfect wedding one day: This makes you a madwoman. Next time you see my mom, dad, or Ryan – hug them. They deal with me on a daily basis.

But after a near “George Banks in the hot dog bun aisle” worthy breakdown of my own in Office Depot (“Colored print costs what?!”) I decided to focus less on the little things and more on the big things, ie – celebration of love and family and God’s plan for us. Because guess what?  June 25 is one day. And sometimes this all seems like a lot of planning, details, thought, conversation for one day. I actually thought earlier this week, “What if my appendix bursts that morning?”  (Yes, these are the things that go through my mind, lol ... probably in part to you, Erin!  So glad you’re better!)

If that happens, please write neatly in my photo guest book and notice the photo arrangement! ;)

(Just kidding! ...kind of.)