My high school career is now halfway over.

My high school career is now halfway over.

Bittersweet confusion runs through me. I remember the first day of freshman year clearly, as though it were a couple weeks ago, not a couple years. Thoughts of things I would change if I knew what I know now.

I entered this year as a sophomore at Blue Springs South. I was a new student entering a school of 1,500, knowing maybe 10 people.

Those people were my crutch, and I want to thank them for getting me through this year.

I spent the last few weeks of summer frantically trying to meet new people, to recognize one face in each class. I’d go through my schedule, counting the classes I had “friends” in. In my first and fifth hour, a girl from my church shared the same class as me. Past soccer teammates were in my sixth hour with me. Two of my friend’s best friends were in my seventh hour, and she promised to introduce us. I met a girl with the same third hour as me at new student orientation. That still left two hours unaccounted for, and some of those could hardly be counted as what I considered “familiar faces.” But it was a start.

The night before the first day of school I went to new student orientation. My friend, Rosie, who had been preparing me for South all summer, was helping. She took me on a tour of the school and said she would take me to my classes the first week so I wouldn’t get lost in my new labyrinth. And, we had the same lunch shift, so I wouldn’t have to stand and guess which table would accept me.

In all reality, the first day was a blur, but I remember a few things. I rode to school with my neighbor, who had also helped me get involved with some new kids. As we walked through the hallways, students were meeting up with friends after the long break from each other. I was in a daze. My friend Leah and I had the same first hour, so she met me and we walked down together. We picked a seat, and I just sat, waiting. I remember looking around and thinking, “So THIS is what public school is like.”

Thankfully, the day kept moving. My second hour, Newspaper, was overwhelming, as it was filled with a couple sophomores and many juniors and seniors, who all knew each other from last year. I was grateful of those classes with a seating chart, as I wouldn’t have to guess which seat would be best. I loved sixth hour because I actually know people from soccer, so I wasn’t as scared. The day passed quickly and harmlessly, though it would still be hard to adjust.

As things went on, I had to start being independent. The first week I didn’t have someone taking me to my next class, I got lost. Thankfully, I found Michelle, a junior my aunt introduced to me, and she graciously helped me. Making friends was hard at first. I came home crying a lot. I got mad at my mom constantly, saying how hard it was to go to this new school. Of course, looking back now, everything Mom said was right, and I wish I hadn’t said those things.

Times got better when conditioning for soccer started. I met many more people, and finally had people to talk to in some classes. They were familiar faces in the hallway who I could say hi to and not feel like a number.

By second semester, I had finally found a good group of friends, and started doing things with them. My friends and I would go out of our way in between classes to find each other to talk for two minutes. This semester has flown by, and soccer is part of the reason. Playing a sport for your high school is the best feeling, and the group of girls this year made it wonderful.

I will miss my senior friends who have been role models to me this year. I hate that I won’t see them next year, and the fact that they are leaving scares me because it means I’m growing up.

I’m excited and anxious for junior year. My summer will be spent working on summer assignments and preparing for the stress of running the school newspaper next year.

In some ways, I’m sad this year is over. But, I’m ready to move on. I’m so glad to have had all these wonderful people in my life who were there for me even before the first day of this year. I hope I can make as much of an impact on others as they have to me.

With only four semesters of high school left, I’m determined to make this a time I won’t forget.