I suggested, years ago, to a councilman the following:

I suggested, years ago, to a councilman the following:

Again, we have many, many older persons and invalids in our city. This business requiring them to traipse around town to dispose of limbs broken off their trees is absurd. Why do we pay taxes for ball stadiums, hockey stadiums, and other niceties but never get needed services to accommodate us?

I was born and raised in Independence and have lived here all my life, except when overseas in World War II. Have always wondered what our city fathers think when it comes to the few basics needed by the poor citizens.

At various times the older ones have to dispose of these limbs. Why can’t the city be divided into four districts like the City Council. We have tree limb trucks that are city owned in the light department. They could be dispatched to districts for a day or two at a time when needed. District 1, then next month District 2, and District 3, and District 4.

Each district have responsibility for that month during that quarter. Call to a city location to be placed on the shredder list by appointment. This is not to shred a whole tree, only small yard shred-type for those unable to dispose of it. Some schedule could be worked out that would inconvenience the light company trucks as little as possible and not abandon the needy individuals.

Curbside service here also, I have tried to make suggestions that would help a need and at the same time try to make suggestion to solve the need. I know this could be accomplished if the desire to help the long paying taxpayer. How about it? Any reason to say no?