Officer Charles Waites –  more commonly known as “C.W.” to his  DARE students –  was named the Blue Springs Police Department’s Employee of the Month for June, 2009.

Officer Charles Waites –  more commonly known as “C.W.” to his  DARE students –  was named the Blue Springs Police Department’s Employee of the Month for June, 2009.

Charlie began his career in Grandview by attending the Kansas City Regional Police Academy in November of 1971.

He later moved to Blue Springs and joined the Blue Springs Police Department, where he has 33 years of total service.

Charlie worked the majority of his tenure as a patrol officer and participated as a member of the Blue Springs Police Department’s Special Tactical Assistance Team for approximately seven years. He enjoyed working on the team and is grateful for the advance training and schools he was allowed to attend.

Charlie has participated as one of BSPD’s Crime Prevention Officers and has given block watch presentations throughout the community, reflecting his long term enjoyment of working in the community and meeting new people. Recently he became qualified to be a Crisis Intervention Officer. Charlie said the training was fantastic and he used this training his first night back on the job.

His new goal is to capitalize from his recent training to become a hostage negotiator.

In 1999, Charlie transferred to the Community and Youth Outreach Unit. One of his first assignments was Resource School Officer for the Eastern Jackson County Alternative High School.

Charlie was instrumental in forming the first organized basketball League for Alternative High School Students in the Kansas City area.

He also had the vision of bringing in a basketball team comprised of military personnel to practice with Alternative Students.

This led to a tremendous opportunity for mentoring, and he took great pride in working as coach for his team in Blue Springs. Charlie made many friends that year with students of his school, and many of those students went on to receive higher education; some of them currently work in the medical field, some as police and firefighters, and many went on to serve their country in the United States Military.

Charlie’s greatest accomplishment has been the impact he has made as a  DARE Officer. After the tough training he received at the Highway Patrol Academy in Jefferson City, he will tell anyone who asks that  DARE training was one of the toughest assignments he ever had to learn as a police officer.

He will also tell you that working with youth and their families has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.

Charlie has now worked with approximately 10,000 young students in Blue Springs. Many of his former students will drop by the Community and Youth Outreach Unit to visit with their DARE Officer and Charlie loves every visit – proof that the DARE Program is effective.

As a DARE Officer, Charlie was the recipient of the Who’s Who Award, recognizing him as one of the top DARE Officers in the metro, and in 2009 was presented with a special award from the Knights of Columbus at St. John LaLande School for the work he does with youth in Blue Springs. Charlie was one of seven persons nominated to receive the Citizen of the Year Award from the Blue Springs Chamber Of Commerce.

Charlie takes pride in being a Blue Springs Police Officer.

During the summer, he is assigned back to street patrol. He feels that today’s police officers are some of the best he has ever seen or worked with – all of them working for the betterment of our community and taking pride in giving quality service to our citizens.

Charlie will also tell anyone in law enforcement that the respect we want to receive, must begin with the respect that we give.

Charlie also said the integrity that he has seen coming from the officers within our police department, is one of the many reasons why the City of Blue Springs, is a great place to live.

If you ask Charlie about retirement, he will tell you he doesn’t want to think about it – and we are glad he doesn’t!