There are several rules of thumb when it comes to making changes with your hair color.

There are several rules of thumb when it comes to making changes with your hair color.

With that said, let me reassure you that there are always exceptions to the rules, so don’t be afraid to have some fun, and experiment (under the watchful guidance of a professional colorist).

Here are some of the rules

For people who are wishing for blonde

If you were blonde as a child you certainly have the right skin tone to be a blonde adults. For those who were not a blonde baby, you must chose the right shade of blonde for your skin tone. Remember a few things: Brassy blonde color or highlights on someone with a warm skin tone can be cruel. You could end up looking like a tomato. For those of you who are brunettes and wish to be blonde, don’t go too light or you could look washed out. Choosing the correct shade can be a bit tricky, but can be done.

I would advise you to start with highlights at first. Take baby steps, and keep in mind that darker hair tends to accentuate brown or green eyes better than blonde hair.

For those who

wish for red hair

Almost everyone can go red, what’s most important is finding the right shade. Again, skin tone is what you what want to check for. Remember that red haircolor is the hardest color to keep from fading, so do everything you are told in order to keep the color correct. Including a color safe shampoo, don’t forget conditioner to keep the cuticle of your hair closed. This will keep the color from falling out so fast.

If you are blonde and want darker

This can be done, and look good if done well. If you are blonde by choice, you will need to have your blonde haircolor filled in and then the darker color applied. This will assure the correct tone and keep the dark color looking natural.

If you are a blonde naturally it is a tiny bit easier, your hairdresser will know what to do, depending on your hair type and texture.

Don’t forget gray coverage

Gray hair is stubborn to color because of its texture. If you want to stick with your natural color and your hair is less than one-thirds gray, try on a semi-permanent color that’s a shade lighter than your natural color (or matches your color).

The gray will blend right in. I like to use my gray hair as highlights, with the same technique.

What ever you choose, have fun with it! Have a beautiful day!