To the editor:

I caught Charles Spencer’s letter to the editor (Tuesday, “Offutt column didn’t belong on opinion page”) and had a comment to him. I didn’t see the column that you wrote about, but I do read Sandy Turner’s column weekly. You labeled her column as “mindless articles,” which I find to be very shortsighted.

My mother suffered from the very same illness as Sandy’s father. I have found her writings to be very refreshing and in many ways healing. She has poured herself out to you and me about something very personal and has allowed us to see the human side of a very real life situation. Alzheimer’s and dementia in our parents and loved ones is real, Charles, and her compassionate articles are not “mindless.” Just the opposite, in fact, as they most certainly helped this reader deal with a similar fate in my family and made me know and feel that I was not alone.

I think “mindless” might better describe your comment about Sandy Turner’s writings.