Susan Culpepper is a candidate for the District 3 Blue Springs City Council race. She will face Michael Freeman in the April 2 election.

Susan Culpepper is a candidate for the District 3 Blue Springs City Council race. She will face Michael Freeman in the April 2 election.

1. Why are you running for a seat on the Blue Springs City Council?

I am running for council to represent the citizens of Blue Springs and fill the seat of outgoing councilman Grant Bowerman. It is important to have someone with experience to fill this position, to see the vision for the future, and continue growing Blue Springs. My expertise acquired as corporate controller of companies in several different industries gives me vast business experience, which would make me an asset for the city council. I have lived in District 3 for 34 years and understand the issues which face that area of the city.

2. If elected, what are your top three priorities?

Economic growth: Economic growth is on the forefront. I will work to bring jobs to our city. I currently serve as a Blue Springs representative on the Jackson County Rail Coalition, and I will work for successfully bringing rail transportation to our city. I will also work for business retention. Keeping businesses open is a priority.

Quality development: Quality businesses and quality housing developments will bring quality jobs to Blue Springs. I will work for quality development through planning, periodic review of construction requirements and processes, and working with city staff and developers to ensure the application process is expeditious and appropriate.

Public safety: The safety of our citizens is primary. We must provide police and firefighters the equipment and facilities they need to do their job safely and be sure that we have enough men or women to get the job done. A portion of District 3 is lacking good fire protection. I will work with the city and CJCFD (Central Jackson County Fire Protection District) to resolve this issue.

3. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the people in your district, and how would you address that challenge?

District 3 has some unique challenges. Of main concern is the fire protection as I have stated. Second, District 3 has expanded rapidly with the annexation of the land to Colbern Road bringing a considerable amount of property yet to be developed. We have a golden opportunity to bring in quality development. Good planning is the key. As an experienced planner, I will to give special attention to all growth areas to ensure that the city of Blue Springs maintains its premier standing.

4. How would you ensure that the city of Blue Springs operates efficiently?

Communication is the key. The city is a business with many resident stockholders. First and foremost I will listen to the residents and work with them. I will use my business expertise to ensure that communication is always open between the council, the residents and the city staff.