Niel Johnson’s guest column (The Examiner, March 5, “‘Fair tax’ favors rich and is unfair to the rest”) appears to have the misconception that social justice is the primary purpose for taxing income, not funding government. FairTax volunteers, who have studied taxation, want to fund government in the most efficient, least intrusive manner possible.

Independent studies by some of America’s brightest economists, taking more than four years to complete and more than $20 million paid for by private citizens (patriots), tell us taxing consumption will improve the lives of all Americans by providing more jobs and a higher standard of living.

Mr. Johnson, the FairTax provides a method – the “prebate” – to untax spending up to the poverty level for all citizens. They need only apply. The prebate is sent by the federal government on or before the first of every month, either through electronic funds transfer or paper check, to those who have valid Social Security numbers. So, in reality, the poor are untaxed with the FairTax.

Here’s how this works: The Department of Health and Human Services sets the poverty level based on the number of legal Social Security numbers in a household. For example, a household of two adults and two children would receive approximately $560 each month from the Social Security Administration. Thereby, that household will use those dollars to pay the FairTax on all purchases until the poverty level is exceeded. Until their spending exceeds the Department of Health and Human Services poverty level, their tax rate is zip, zero, nada. The rich will pay a more progressive tax as their spending will zip by their poverty level in short order. Those who have more, spend more. The prebate must allay your concerns about the poorest among us.

What other benefits will America’s society and economy derive from the FairTax? No records to keep saving some 6.5 billion (yes, that is a “b”) man hours per year. All of us must go to the retail level to purchase new goods and services so pimps, prostitute, drug dealers, illegal aliens and other miscreants operating outside the law will, until they are caught, help pay for government.

Some $12 to $15 trillion (yes, that is a “t”), now held offshore, will flow into the United States as the income tax liability will no longer apply. The Internal Revenue Service and the Internal Revenue Code, now more than 70,000 pages, will be trashed. All citizens will be treated equally under the law, and we the people will once again regain our liberty as the fear of our government will diminish.

Many taxpayers pay lawyers, CPAs or tax-preparation professionals to figure their taxes just to have someone between them and the IRS. Mr. Johnson, join the effort to make April 15 just another nice spring day. Praise the Lord and pass the FairTax.