A poem by Michael E. Scott

You’re on a new road,

And it seems uphill.

You shake and shutter

And maybe feel a chill.

But my dearest friends,

Though you know me not,

I’ve been watching TV,

And I feel a lot.

My heart sure goes out to you

In your times of trial and trouble,

And you’ve lost your home, toys and pictures

In all the tembers and the rubble.

But don’t give up because we’re here,

Just say a little prayer

And know somehow, some way,

That all these people care.

There, all around you,

Though it may take some time,

Someone you don’t know

May have given a dollar or a dime.

I’m only one of so many.

People really do care a lot.

I am sending my love to all of you.

My name is Michael Scott.

God Bless you in every single way.

Thanks to KCP&L, Red Cross, the state of Missouri, police, nurses, doctors, and everyone’s that’s lended a hand a prayer to Joplin.