Killian Hulet
fourth grade
Blue Hills Elementary School

To the editor:
I think the city of Independence should fix the potholes because you could trip you could get extremely hurt!! When I was on my way inside to my house, I saw a kid trip on a pothole and he got really hurt. When he got up his knee was bleeding.

We should put pavement on the roads to cover up the potholes. When you see a pothole, just go ahead and fix it right away!

Potholes are formed in many different ways! Once there is a weak spot, every car that travels over the pothole makes the problem even worse! Eventually, a section of the material will fail, causing a pothole. After it rains, there are usually potholes! Potholes are made when it rains water goes into the cracks then freezes, expands, and when summer comes, the ice melts and forms a pothole.

Sometimes when I’m out on the road, my tire gets flat by the pothole!

Maureen Hudson’s fourth grader students at Blue Hills Elementary in Independence have written letters to the editor.