By Rosemary Davis

Please put a conspiracy blog on The Examiner website with categories of “Oh, really,” ““Enough already,” “You can’t be serious” and “Reader’s Choice.” Consider it another public service.

“Oh, really,” there is an election planned for April 3 to benefit the police department (1). The election is being paid for by the city (2), excuse me by the citizens (3). “Enough already” with thinking we will approve a tax when the only thing going down is property values and everything else is going up (4). “You can’t be serious” that we understand why (folks that live here) are paying big bucks (anything more than $4 million seems big) for Bass Pro Shops to sell us stuff like guns, bows and arrows, fishing gear that you can’t use within the city limits or having a state license (5). And then we see you want to raise the already high tax rate to entice Menards to the site to compete with other businesses (Lowe’s, Home Depot) that are surviving because HGTV has convinced us we can all remodel our kitchen in a weekend. Personally, we like Sladek Hardware on U.S. 24, but I digress.

Two weeks ago, there was a front-page news article informing (or announcing) the new “You can’t be serious” police building, “Oh really,” by the time you get to feasibility, the goose is already being prepared for the cooker. You won’t guess where! Let’s all sing the 39th Street corridor song (6). Seems to me (weary voter than I am) we voted this down previously in a past city/voter funded election (see item 3).

Enough already? It gets better. Also recently, on page 4 there was a letter to the editor from the CEO of Centerpoint Medical Center thanking (guess who?) the Independence Police Department for the “wonderful job it does each day ensuring the safety of our patients, employees, physicians and visitors.” (7) Folks, when you need emergency medical care, the police wait with you for the Fire Department’s first responders.

But guess what else about the Police building article? Get to page A3, paragraph 10 to read that Centerpoint’s parent company, HCA Midwest had already (not will, has already) donated the land to the city for a police building that is near the entrance of the medical center (8). I guess wonderful service isn’t sufficient.

Don’t believe in conspiracies, then always vote yes, max your credit cards, vote for the opposite party in November and eat at Cheddars. It’s all a mystery to me. Blog anyone?